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  • 1.Advanced processing methods of CNC guarantee the accuracy of bending.

  • 2.It spends less time on the adjustment for the use of the simple and convenient computer adjustarc structure.

    3.The distinctive press-roller struture can reduce the straight length of both ends on the curve.

  • 4.It can produce flat tempering glass with cross bending and cooling section.

  • Suitable for

    Low-E glass, ordinary flat glass, ultra-clear glass, screen printing glass, embossed glass, colored glass, etc.

    Technical parameters


    Mainly in: Domestic appliances, furniture,lamp,automotive sidelites,interior decorations,shower booths,etc.


    Mainly in : Architectural curtain walls, interior decorations,shower booths, automotive sidelites, etc.

    Other models are not listed because of the limited space.

    Remark: All sizes are based on millimeter and the capacity subjected to 5mm glass. The capacity can be also increased according to customers'requirements. The change of equipment configuration will be in accordance withe the difference of glass thickness range,it is depended on actual design.




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