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    1.Equipped with advanced convection system,TPG-A increased the endothermic efficiency of the surface of the glass by the way of covection.

    2.It's benefical to the uniformity of heating the glass through the convection heating.

    3.The quantity of the dust inside the furnace can be reduced due to the inner cleading structure of the furnace body.

    4.Low-temperature techniques can be used to produce high-quality glass.


    Suitable for

    Low-E glass, ordinary flat glass, ultra-clear glass, screen printing glass, embossed glass, colored glass, etc.

    Technical parameters


    Mainly in:Glass of high grade industrial instrumentation, lamp, asppliances,flat tempered glass and LOW-E glass.


    Mainly in: Thin flat tempered laminated glass of high grade domestic appliances, interior decorations, automobile, trains, ships,architecture and LOW-E glass.

    Other models are not listed because of the limited space.

    Remark: All size are based on millimeter and the capacity subjected to 5mm glass at 80%.Utilization and 100% end-product rate. The change of equipmeng configuration will be in accordance with the difference of glass thickness range,it is depended on actual design.




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